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2024.05.23🏀Notice of Sports Day🏀

We will again hold 「🏀an outdoor sports day🏀」 for parents and children to participate on the following date. Parents are invited to actively participate and play games with their children before, during, and after the event. Children will be able to move their bodies to their heart’s content and have fun with their friends, parents, and guardians. We want to deepen the friendships between friends, parents, and staff. Parents are required to participate in all activities on the day, so please be sure to wear comfortable clothes. Details are as follows:

Deaino-hiroba in Kinuta Park (1-1 Kinutakouen, Setagaya-ku)
■Date and Time
10:00-14:00 Thursday, May 30th *We will meet and dismiss there.
Outdoor activity in the morning & Lunch activity in the afternoon
■Things to bring school
Cap, lunch, drink bottle, tarpaulin, towel, and a change of clothes

※In case of postponement due to rain, an alternative day has been set on Friday, May 31st.
sports day

2024.04.05Preschool Pink Class 🌟Solar System🌟

Pink class(age 3 to 6)made the Solar System!
planets1 planets2

2024.04.01🌸Notice of Cherry Blossom Viewing Event🌸

To commence the beginning of a new school year, we will hold a picnic during cherry blossom season to deepen friendships among new classmates and parents.

Deaino-hiroba in Kinuta Park(1-1 Kinutakouen, Setagaya-ku)
■Date and Time
10:00-14:30 Thursday, April 4th *We will meet and dismiss there.
Outdoor activity in the morning & Lunch activity in the afternoon (Easter Egg Hunting)
■Things to bring school
Cap, lunch, drink bottle, ground sheet, towel and a change of clothes

※In case of postponement due to rain, we will notify you of the postponement to your cell phone or group line by 7a.m.

2024.03.27Preschool 🚌Bus Trip to the water factory🚌

Preschool went on the bus trip to the Kurikura water factory which is famous for mineral water on March 26th, 2024. We observed the production process from raw, unfiltered water to bottled mineral water and learned about various kinds of water from all over the world. Unfortunately, the picnic at lunchtime was canceled due to rain, but we had a good time.

kurikura1 kurikura2
kurikura3 kurikura4

2024.03.25Preschool Pink Class 🎨Painting is fun🎨

We turned styroform balls to planets. Painting is fun.

planet painting1 planetpainting2
planetpainting3 planetpainting4


Please contact us by phone (0120-815-874) or email (info@hello-kids.co.jp). Together we will decide the trial lesson’s date and time.

Pre-School Trial lesson (10: 00-14: 30)
* Parents or guardians may observe the lesson until 11:15. We will answer your questions during this time.
* If you wish to observe only, without your child’s participation, please visit for 30 minutes from 10:30.

From 10:00 you will observe: Morning Circle time, Music and Movement, and the Main Activity related to the monthly topic.

After 11:15, your child will participate without parents in attendance. Staff will guarantee your child’s safety and well-being.

Park Activities

Lunch with classmates and staff

Naptime (Blue Class only)


Pick-up time, 14:30. Staff will provide a written report on your child’s day.


These lessons are mainly for children aged 3~12. Trial lessons and observations are available for all 100minute, 120minute and 180minute classes. Based on your child’s age and previous English experience, we will recommend a suitable class for the trial.

You will observe your child’s participation in the lesson, the class atmosphere created by the teacher and other students, and of course genuine English communication.