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Preschool (18months old ~ Kindergarten final year)

Children’s daily life has shifted from the home environment to a school environment. Children experience group activities with friends close to their age, aiming for independence. Early communication is at word-by-word level.
The goal of Hello Kids Preschool is to help children become independent, confident and curious learners. We focus on having children understand “how to learn” in all aspects of children's lives, and create an environment where they can learn at their own pace and in the best possible way. We aim for children to develop a positive attitude towards learning, and an equally positive attitude towards themselves.
In order to realize these goals, we provide activities and lessons for children along a curriculum aiming at comprehensive development in social, emotional, cognitive and physical aspects.

Lesson Fees

Other course features

* Using an original curriculum, children are engaged in activities that have them think in English, speak in English and play in English.
* One teacher looks after a maximum of 5 children
* Each parent is provided an individual written report each day outlining their child’s day.
* Extending daycare hours is possible.


9:00 Early-morning daycare
10:00 Arrival time.
Main activity① or Arts & Craft
11:00 Park time/Outdoor activities
12:00 Lunchtime
13:00 Main activity② or Arts & Craft
14:00 Snacktime
14:30 Pick-up time

※Extended Daycare up to 18:30 is possible, in accruements of 15mins.

15:00 Afternoon arrival time
15:20 Short-afternoon arrival time
15:30 Circle time
16:30 Activity① / Arts & Craft
17:00 Short-afternoon pick-up time
Afternoon snack time
17:20 Playtime
18:00 Pick-up time