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Yoshi is from Niigata.
He has been engaged in children’s English education for 30 years, and in infants’ English education for over 20 years. He is passionate about teaching grammar-intensive communication skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. His guidance on Eiken test-taking is trusted and renown.


Matthew teaches at the Hello Kids Annex. He is the main teacher for the pre-school Pink Class, and he teaches afternoon classes to elementary school kids, junior high and high school kids. Originally from Australia he has been a Hello Kids teacher for 14 years. Before joining the school he taught for 11 years at public elementary schools in Tokyo and became deeply interested in education during this time. He is also highly active as a teacher-trainer, and he regularly presents at teacher-development workshops throughout Japan. As a teacher his skill lies in his ability to get kids to output, and have them use the English they know.


Sayaka is the main teacher at the Hello Kids Main School, and teaches the pre-school Blue Class. In the afternoon classes she teaches kindergarten kids and lower elementary. She is from Arkansas in the US. She is currently into her second year of teaching at Hello Kids, and with a significant teaching background in Korea, she has already contributed massively to Hello Kids. The kindness and friendliness with which she guides students in her classes has made her a tremendously popular teacher. Saya is TESOL certified. She communicates well with all parents in fluent Japanese.


Kimberly is from Washington State. She is a teacher for Pink Class. She has been teaching for 5 years in Japan. For the previous 2 years she taught at an international kindergarten in Tokyo. Kimberly has a TESOL certificate. She has a keen interest in the sciences and looks forward to lots of experiments and fun with the students.


(Childcare-certified, TOKYO 103749)
Mitsu is from Kanagawa. He is a veteran pre-school teacher with 20 years of childcare practical experience. As a professional Mitsu’s creed is childcare that focuses not just on children’s acquisition of English, but also on their development of independence and spontaneity with objects in their environment through the interaction with friends and teachers. Mitsu is the coordinator for the pre-school Blue Class, and as a school manager, is responsible for all classes in the school, including afternoon after-school classes.


Rie is from Tokyo. She has been with Hello Kids for 15 years. She is a highly skilled assistant teacher at the pre-school Pink Class. With regular Arts and Craft being a core element in the pre-school program, Rie brings rich and imaginative craft ideas that are perfectly suited to the children’s growth and development.


(licensed as a junior-high and high-school teacher)
Ritsuko has been with Hello Kids for 17 years. With 20 years of teaching experience, Ritsuko is a highly skilled and dedicated childcare professional. She is very popular among all students, and is an assistant teacher in the pre-school Blue Class.


Shizuka has been with Hello Kids for 20 years.
She is in charge of administration, school event coordinating and yearbook design. She assists the main teacher in the Saturday class, providing personal help to children with safety management as a top priority.